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A warm welcome is offered by me, Marisa Wollheim, the president of the centre, and the committee members. The Centre welcomes All with an open mind ready to start to explore the unseen and unknown, to those who have questions of life after death, To those who have lost a Loved one through Death and are now seeking answers... need validation, comfort and support. The Centre attracts like minded people whilst acknowledging the Divine in each one. We create a space for people to explore and develop their Spirituality and Divine Power within.

We allow people to express that Divinity Freely and to grow and evolve.

The Philosophy of Spiritualism is that we acknowledge that we are not a Body with a Spirit yet rather we are a Spiritual Being having a Physical Experience in a body. The spirit does not die but continues to live in the spirit world. Spiritualism acts like a bridge from enslaved thinking and fear of God to a more open and free way of thinking and thus encouraging a personal experience with GOD!

Our Centre was started 77 years ago... I was privileged to know Mr. Noel Griffin the Honouree President for 24 years before Mrs. Serio who served as President for 27yrs!! She is still actively involved with the Committee. Mr. & Mrs. Serio has developed and built up our Centre to be the Great Point of Light that it is today. Mr. Serio built the Hall, Office, Circle rooms and Flat in the Church which we are still benefitting from! Marisa Wollheim became President in 2008.

We hope to see you at our centre very soon. Thank you for visiting our website.
  • Krugersdorp Spiritual Centre
  • Krugersdorp Spiritual Centre
  • Krugersdorp Spiritual Centre
  • Krugersdorp Spiritual Centre
  • Krugersdorp Spiritual Centre
  • Krugersdorp Spiritual Centre

Principals and Way of Life.

Principals and Way of Life

Spiritualism's main focus is to promote an individual's personal experience with God.

Spiritualism is a religion that is not based on a relationship with a particular saviour. It recognizes all prophets that have come to humankind throughout the ages, not setting one above the other. Rather, it is based upon the idea that we are all to form our own relationship with God, and to obtain guidance and accept responsibility for our actions based on our interaction with that personal guidance. We are able to have that instant and personal communication directly with God through no intermediary; hence the reason that we do not give anyone a fixed idea of God, only that there is a God. Any attempt to personalize the idea of God only limits the totality of that Intelligence, which is the reason that Spiritualists sometimes refer to that idea of God as "Infinite Intelligence" or "Infinite Spirit."

Another significant difference is the belief of survival of the personality after death, meaning that we still think of ourselves the same after death as during our physical life. This is proven by Mediumship, the bringing back of loved ones in evidential form who have gone through the change called death. Belief in the survival of the personality also removes grieving when it is realized that our loved ones are still around us from time to time, are able to communicate with us and still care about us, and can be communicated with. Mediumship, when done in the true sense, will produce a real understanding of this existence and level of interaction to and from the spirit realm. Another major difference is that we believe that the nature of humankind is to be good, not evil. We do not believe in sin and repentance, only spiritual progression by natural law. Nor do we believe in vicarious atonement, which means we believe that you are responsible at all times for your actions, here and hereafter, and must compensate in some fashion for them yourself, not through a saviour of some kind.

The basic philosophy of Spiritualism does not say it is the only way, but feels that all religions can produce enlightenment, and believes that Jesus, as well as all other saviours and prophets, was a real person.

Our feeling is that your purpose here is to evolve spiritually and then use that to be of service to others as you continue to evolve.

You need not aspire to be a medium or healer to be a Spiritualist.

Spiritualism is a science, philosophy and religion:

  • a science because it investigates, analyses, and classifies facts and manifestations of Spirit;
  • a philosophy because it studies the laws of nature both on the seen and unseen side of life and bases its conclusions upon present, observed facts;
  • a religion because it strives to understand and comply with the physical, mental, and spiritual laws of nature, which are the laws of God.

Co-development is the methodology we use for enacting everything mentioned above: For our guidance, we draw from those around us, from our own minds and experiences, and from spiritual inspiration.

The philosophy and movement of Spiritualism, when put into practice in your life, will truly change it and produce true freedom and confidence in you. Through your example, you can lead others to seek what you have.

We are not a religion of conversion. We do not proselytise. We spread the truth about Spiritualism only by example, through self-evolving, and teaching those who come seeking answers.

On the 31st March 1848 the phenomena known as the Hydesville Rappings occurred resulting in the birth of modern spiritualism.

Contact Us

For Absent Healing – You may contact Marisa and put the person/animal in need's name on the Healing list for absent healing. (During the service a healing meditation & prayer is done for those in need of healing).

For counseling and other services contact:

(President) Marisa Wollheim
Tel: 076 649 3989
Email: marisa.dfw@gmail.com
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(Secretary/Treasurer) Dominique Wollheim
Tel: 076 648 7188
Email: doms.2410@gmail.com

They left big footprints…In Memory

  • Noel Griffin
  • Louis van Rooyen
  • Merle and Andy
  • Minnie van der Merwe
  • Murial Clarke
  • Robin Brown
  • Janna van Niekerk
  • Peter Wollheim
  • Aubrey du Plessis
  • Elvira Kaier
  • S.C. Serio